Casa de 1927 is fulfilling its dream of presenting to the world the best that is produced in Portugal.


The strategy of internationalization of the company ultimately focuses on the quality of its products and reinforcing investment in the area of wine tourism, receiving people from all over the world is the point of fusion between wine culture and Ribatejo lifestyle, offering experiences, serenity and a voyage to traditions with comfort in a contemporary manner.


Casa de 1927 aims to bring you the best wine of different regions from Portugal, giving importance to tradition and different styles.

Clube Casa de 1927
Merchandising Casa de 1927
Clube Casa de 1927
Adega Casa de 1927 #1
Casa de 1927 Douro - Reserva Tinto 2014
Adega Casa de 1927 #2


In this house - "Casa" filled with history and stories, there is a passion in everything we do. (...) when we listen  to an enchanting  song  or in and endless conversation , surrounded by typical food, we feel so alive  "